Friday, December 8, 2006

me and my bro

i just wanna greet my one and only brother a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! today, he turns thirteen though it is not obvious. haha :P coz he looks older than me. LOL. anywei, no celebrations here but my grandma cooked Spaghetti. yummy!!! hehe :D i really love it. a while ago, i gave my gift for him. actually, i just bought that gift this morning coz i don't have classes today while he was in school.

anywei, this morning i went to my former school hoping that i could talk to the librarian but unfortunately, i wasn't able to talk to her. i forgot that today is the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception and it is part of the tradition to organizae a procession. when my mom and i arrived at MCS, we were surprised to see the students who were getting ready for the parade-slash-procession. supposedly, my mom will pay for Camille's tuition and i, on the other hand, will talk to the librarian but unluckily, we didn't. i decided to go back there next week and hopefully, everything will be fine.