Friday, December 29, 2006

we had some gimmick last night. last night because its already 12.15am. hehe :D i spent my entire night with my cousins on my dad's side. i don't know why all of a sudden, they informed us about the dinner. it was our bonding moment so that we will stay intact and as close as possible. i, together with Kuya Ojie, Ej and Jasper left the house at exactly 6pm and rode an LRT on the way to Gil Puyat because Kuya Jen and Ate Alex fetch us there. we went to Dampa at Pasay. while the others went to the market to buy the foods, we, on the other hand, stayed on the restaurant. when they arrived, we had some chatting and of course, picture taking. hehe :D the foods arrived at around 9pm and i love all the foods served. haha :p they were all delicious and so yummy. next time, i would bring my parents there. before we went home, we dropped by at Starbucks. i had a Mocha Frap. picture-taking again then, had some kulitan, then went home. i'm tired already so i guess, i have to go to bed na. Good Night, Morning to everyone. hehe :D