Monday, September 25, 2006

oh my, can't believe this. Kath and i were done with our Term Paper. yehey!!! hehe =D it was printed kanina in the computer shop near Letran. know what, i'm so happy that after how many weeks, we finished it. =D

i was really surprised when my Theo prof told the class that all the reporters will be having a debate instead of reporting to minimize the time. well, i wasn't ready, i mean all of us in my group were not ready coz all of us knew that our report will be on wednesday. but a total relief when it was finished. you just have to defend why your model is better than the other. good thing, it was just short.

a surprise encounter with Arianne, my former blockmate happened on our dismissal. because Sir Gee was absent, we were dismissed early. we stayed first at the MLQ Garden to answer the survey of Dyei. i asked Eunice to accompany me to the CR and to our surprise, we saw Arianne and of course, we hugged her. we missed her a lot, as in super duper. =D and un, she told us about the cellfone banning and she will be transferring to UE and she will be taking Engineering. we had picture-taking kanina. hehe =D

i wish my right arm will be okay by tomorrow coz i have my last Bowling class eh. i'm afraid that i might deliver the ball the right way. my goodness!!!