Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When you can't remember why you're hurt, that's the time you are already healed.

Sorry for not posting that much. I am very much busy with school. You know, our school works are all piled up now. Perhaps, I will be busy until next week. But I can't wait for the Christmas vacation which will start on the 21st of December.

We just had met our thesis adviser, no, my thesismate already met our adviser. I was not able to meet her because of my hectic schedule. But hopefully, I could meet her one of these days. Our supposed consultation today didn't push through because we were too busy.

I have so many assignments and projects to accomplish. Yet, I'm getting lazy again. My brain cells don't want to work right now and I don't know why. Maybe, because of the excitement for Saturday's event. We have to submit our project in Multimedia tomorrow but it is still unsure if there will be classes tomorrow because of the nationwide strike. But I'm hoping that we will have classes tomorrow because of the film showing.

On Friday, my mom will accompany me to buy Christmas gifts for my friends. I haven't bought gifts for them eh. And right now, I still don't have any idea of what I should give to them.

On Saturday morning, my thesismate and I will visit PLM to pass the letter of approval. We opted for their internet laboratory as our subject for study. We are hoping to talk to the president and the librarian, as well. And hopefully, they will approve it. We need it so badly.

And on the evening, I am so excited with the IT Knight Out. Oh yeah! It's party time for all Juniors and Seniors IT students. Saturday Night Out for us. The party will be held at Temple Bar in Greenbelt 2. I really can't wait. I won't be drinking too much. I have to know my limit. They are planning of an overnight yet I don't think if I will be allowed to go. But still, I'm so excited with that party. That would be my first time.

Rest Day on Sunday and preparation for the quiz on Monday. Next week is Letran's College Week. We will be celebrating Letran's 387th Foundation Day. Booths will rule the grounds again. There will be lots of exhibits and programs. Probably, we will not be doing anything by next week.