Monday, November 12, 2007

While I always do pray for someone to be happy, I forgot that it's me who needs it badly.

This day is so good, not so tiring. Our professor in Theology is new again because of some changes. But I am happy with my professor now because he is way better than the first one. I so love his humor and his way of explaining things. Just now, I really have this interest about the subject.

I was over bored during our break time because we did nothing. We killed the time by staying at the canteen. But then, after some time, we decided to go to the catwalk to meet up with my friends. And there, I was able to bond with Dyei and shared my ever funny dream last night. When the bell rang, we all decided to go up and attend our next subject.

I am starting to love my Math subject. Oh yeah! The professor is just so great. He maybe fast in terms of teaching and explaining our lesson and yet, I could cope up with it and I can really understand it so much. I just don't know but I do love my Math120 now. I just realized that in loving a Math subject because everyone seems to hate it, a teacher or professor is one big factor. And in my case, my professor is just so amazing that's why I love Math now.

Our Discrete Math professor was absent and so, her time became a vacant for us. But before that, we waited for her until Dr. Hilario came. She asked for our attendance and then, she dismissed us. We stayed in the Internet Lab until 4.30pm. We did nothing during our NOS class because most of our time were eaten by installing the NetMeeting on each computer. But then, we were able to discuss some.

Last night, I had the funniest and the craziest dream I could ever have. I know I have to feel pissed about it but for me, it was so funny. I asked you now, what if you would hear someone telling this to another person and yet, is pertaining to you: "Di ba hindi ko naman talaga yan pinapansin. Kinakausap ko lang yan kasi matalino yan. Pero hindi naman talaga ako interesado dyan." How would you react? In my dream if I could still remember, I was super mad with the person who said that who is apparently the person I am giving up right now, my crush. When I woke up and I was trying to remember everything, I just said to myself: "Sh*t! Bad trip yung panaginip na yun ah." But you know, I find it so funny and I just laughed at it. But if ever it happens in real life, I would be really really mad on that person.

Nothing much happened today. We will have two sets of quizzes on Wednesday as announced by my professors in two different subjects. I'm just getting ready for tomorrow because I really wanna concentrate with the discussion proper.