Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The glass breaks because it fell and nobody caught it. Just like the heart, it breaks because it keeps on falling for someone wo doesn't catch it.

The second semester finally begins in Letran today. I went to the Colegio and was shocked with the huge number of students falling in line to the Cashier, ITC and the Dean's Office. Until now, they were not yet done with the adjustment thingy. Even my friends were not yet done but they were able to fix their schedules yesterday.

Anyway, I didn't enjoy this day as much as I enjoyed the first day of my first semester. But I know that as this semester goes along, I will learn to love it. I spent this day with some of my friends though I know I'm going to miss our bonding time during lunch break since we have different schedules now and probably, we will not be able to see each other that often.

All of my professors were present and some started the discussion already. I still have no problem regarding them since they seem so nice and approachable. But hopefully, we could learn a lot from them. By the way, I have two Math subjects now and I'm pretty much confident that our professors will be able to deliver the lessons well.

And because today is just our first day, we were dismissed early but went home late because of the traffic jam. Tomorrow will be another busy day.