Monday, February 12, 2007

just finished doing my Machine Problem in VB. special thanks to Julius. :P you're such a big help. i don't know what to do without you? hehe :D sobrang thank you talaga. :p bawi ako next time. i just need to study the codes so i could further understand it. its really hard. this just shows that Software Development is not for me. haha ;P i really find it hard to accomplish the MP. but i'm still looking forward to master it. i really want to. though its really difficult, but still i want to master it. arrggh. :P still confuse whether i'll be taking Systems Engineering or Software Development. as of the moment, i still don't know what to take.

anyway, additional school stuffs were given and i hate that. the Poetry Reading in Hum was a success. everyone was laughing because some poems are really funny and entertaining. and oh by the way, we went home early because our profs in our last two subjects which are our majors were absent. and so, we had the time to accomplish our VB MP.

tomorrow, we will be having a Quiz in PE and hopefully we could ask our SAD prof to let us take a make-up quiz coz we missed a quiz when we cut class last Thursday because of the Cheerdance practice. *fingers-crossed*