Monday, July 27, 2009

Since last week, I was like "I'm gonna post an entry to my blog" but whenever I face my laptop, all I get was nothing. I always have random thoughts like today. I couldn't post any sensible entry. And like any other entry I had in the past, this would probably be another random post.

And yes, I'm still a bum up to now, a professional one in fact. I don't know why those headhunters haven't called me yet. Perhaps, they are just waiting for me to turn twenty years old. Oh no! I need to find a job before my birthday so I could treat my family and some friends. But then, I cannot do anything if they don't want to hire me yet. I'm still waiting without any feeling of desperation, swear! I'm still chilling here in the house because I know once I get the job I've yearning for quite a long time, I would probably be busy and may not have time to plurk, tweet and even visit my Facebook account. Haha :))

And besides, many have told me that it's okay if I'm still jobless up to now given my age and also, I have spent 15 years studying. So, I really need to just chill first then go get a job once I'm ready physically, mentally and emotionally. But then again, I'm ready, promise! In all aspects, I'm ready and I'm just waiting for their calls to schedule me for exams or interviews.

Oh, I wanna stop blabbing about job, work, etc. because I'm getting pressured. Kuya Ojie is doing great. I'm so proud of him. We're always together eh. We attended the same schools since elementary and up to college. We're really inseparable. This is the first time that we've been apart, actually. But he actually encouraged me to apply to where he is working now but unfortunately, I couldn't since he's working in a casino, (the biggest one in the Philippines, in fact) which will open this coming August, because I'm only 19 years old and if you're gonna work in a casino, you have to be 21 years old and above. So yeah, I missed an opportunity. Did I mention that his salary is higher than what you'd expect for an entry level position? I envy him but I'm so happy for him, as well.

Last Friday, Letran lost against San Beda by five points. It was a good game, I must say. As much as I wanted to watch it live in the arena, I really can't since no one wants to come with me. Haha :) But it was a good thing also since there was a brawl after the game. Oh well, it's always present. Nothing's new. But I hope, next time, it would be more of a clean game. It was saddening though 'cause the Knights lost against their biggest rival but they shouldn't feel that bad since they gave their very best and exerted all their efforts just to win the game. I was actually surprised with how the Knights played that day. New team. New players. New strategies. They've done great. They didn't give up and it's enough to say that the Knights are really improving.

Another upset happened yesterday when the UP Fighting Maroons defeated the no. 1 team in the UAAP which is the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Who would have thought? Everyone was surprised and actually, Ateneo's defeat made it to Twitter's trending topic. It was the talk of the town. They were like ranting about how Ateneo lost instead of talking about how UP won. It was funny! You know, the Blue Eagles were just too overconfident that's why they lost. It was a lucky game for the Fighting Maroons, on the other hand, since most of their 3 point shots were successful, especially Woody Co, considering that he is not a shooter. Better luck next time. But prior to that major upset, DLSU Green Archers grabbed their second win by defeating Adamson Falcons by 1 point. It was really a close game.

Before I end up this entry, I would like to congratulate some of my friends who were able to pass the nursing board. Joyce, Maxine and Jag, job well done! Cheers! I'm so proud of you. :)

PS. "I get more texts from twitter than I do from my friends" -- and yes, tinamaan ako!