Friday, July 18, 2008

Go for someone who is not only proud to have you but will also take the risk even just an hour with you.

The Letran Information Technology Society had a General Assembly today. I don't know if we, fourth year students, are required to come but we did. Well, we came as part of our support for the organization and the course itself. We were told that the assembly will start at 8am that's why we arrived there early, around 8:30am, I guess. But too bad, it started at 9am.

I was able to talk with the PRO of Lapiang Liberal ng Letran. His name is Clarence, a second year Marketing student. He explained to me all their objectives and some of their platform but I didn't listen. Don't blame me, I wasn't in the mood that time. I was just pretending that I was listening but in fact, I wasn't. But it was cool. I might vote for him. He is a good spokesperson. He introduced me to the IT Representative which is Jim Good and he also talked to me. Oh well, I honestly won't vote for him because I have reserved my vote for Jeff Aceron. And it is all because of Eunice. They are friends eh.

Anyway, we really didn't enjoy the program itself but I enjoyed my friends' company. We were hyper, as in. We were all seated at the back of the SC Auditorium and since we are the seniors, we felt that we were superior. Got it? We were screaming loud, trying to joked on the performers, the emcees, the game and some other stuffs. Well, you can't blame us because it was a bit corny and funny. So, we made fun of it. Only few of the Seniors came to attend and yet, we managed to make an impact. Though the entire auditorium was dominated and filled with the Juniors. They were really in the mood and I know that they really enjoyed it. They had the loudest screams, by the way. And the last performers murdered Awit ng Kabataan.

After the assembly, we stayed in the catwalk first. We chatted and laughed like we always do. We had another set of picture taking. By the way, we had lots of pictures during the GA because of boredom, I think. Going back, we planned on what we will do next and we just settled on having our lunch at SM Manila. And I was really looking forward to another bonding moment with them. But Niko, Ian and Rex didn't go with us, instead, they decided to eat somewhere since Rex brought his car with him. We ate at McDonald's and stayed there for a little while after eating. We received a text coming from Rex and inviting us if we want to join on their joyride to Tagaytay. As much as we wanted to come, we really can't because the car is too small for us.

Eunice, JL, Marco and Thea went home after while the rest of the gang stayed at SM Manila. We went to Quantum and played arcades. It was fun. I enjoyed it though I felt a little dizzy. Afterwhich, Dyei, Joanne and I went home while some of them stayed there. This day is tiring but fun.

By the way, I want the hoodie I saw at Solo and I really want to buy it. And another thing, Letran Knights won once again after defeating the mighty UPHS Altas. It was a tough match because Letran never had the chance to lead the game until the last minute of the fourth quarter. As a matter of fact, there was a 20-point deficit favoring the Altas during the Second Quarter. But knowing the Knights, whatever happens, they still have this powerful spirit that always keeps them high. They never give up and they always show the true character of a Knight. With the way they played, I guess they have to practice and motivate themselves a lot more since they'll be facing the Mapua Cardinals on their next game. RJ Jazul did really great once more.