Monday, October 12, 2009

This is my first post since my birthday. Spare me for being hiatus for more than a month. A lot of things happened, both good and bad. So yeah, I will tell you now that posting an entry won’t be as regular as before. You’ll know why in the next paragraphs.

After my birthday, nothing really productive happened. I still did the same old routine everyday – waking up, eating breakfast, watching TV, eating lunch, browsing the net, taking a bath, watching TV, taking dinner, browsing the net while watching TV and sleeping. It was like the usual routine of any bum or fresh graduates who are unemployed. It was sickening, I must admit. If you only knew how pain in the ass it was, well, literally. Perhaps, without the internet, I would have been a crazy girl in the house with nothing left to do. And yes, I hate being bum. You wanna know why? It’s because it’s the reason why I gained a lot of weight. Bumming for the past six months, who wouldn’t gain weight?

September 27 of this year marks one of the worst day in the Philippine history as the tropical storm Ondoy devastated Metro Manila and some other areas near it. The countless rains and heavy wind made every Filipino scared of what might happen next. It was like first time in two decades. Water was everywhere. Areas had been flooded; in fact, it reached a level that no one expected it can reach. Several homes were devastated. A lot of families lost their homes, belongings, and worst, a part/s of their family. It was really heartbreaking. And I really can’t digest the fact that it did happen.

Imagine, our area is not really the kind that gets flooded but yes, water level continued to rise and it even reached the first floor – knee level. Things were all wet including beds. But despite of what happened, I still believe that my family is lucky enough to survive that kind of disaster. We didn’t need to move out of the house and evacuate. We stayed in the house, watched TV and be updated of what was happening.

I pitied those who were greatly affected. I used my social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to spread the word, update everybody and ask them to help those who are in need. I know I don’t have much money to give but I know, with that simple act, I already made an impact. However, I thought that spreading the word wasn’t enough. I donated goods – which was my own way of reaching out. As much as I wanted to volunteer, my mom won’t allow me and in case Daddy Carlo was available that time, it would be quite impossible because some places were still not passable.

After Ondoy, Pepeng came and it was the time that I kept on informing those whom I can reach how strong the latter is. It was stronger than Ondoy and many have told that it was as strong as Hurricane Katrina. Who wouldn’t get scared? Up to now, several homes, lands and even means of living are being ruptured by Pepeng. I just hope that Filipinos are strong enough to accept these kinds of challenges and emerge as survivors in the end.

For me, it is a message from God telling us to restore the beauty of the world that He created. He wanted to warn us that if we don’t do it now, worst things will happen in the future. It’s like a lesson that we need to learn. We just have to open our eyes, minds and hearts to fathom what it’s all about.

Moving on, after six months of being a senseless individual, I finally landed a job. Well, Dyei and I are trainees of a newly-established IT company. A big thanks to Eunice for referring us to the big boss. It was a funny experience at first. I was invited for an interview and right then, I was given a task to do to be submitted the next day. Dyei, my friend, was given the same thing.

I received an email inviting me for another interview last Monday. I felt like it was the final interview. He asked me to review the materials that he sent. I dressed to impress. Upon reaching the 21st floor, I was surprised to see Dyei sitting outside the office. So yeah, both of us were scheduled at 12nn. Big boss came and talked to us. Afterwards, we’ve just found ourselves in front of the PC, doing the tasks given to us. The expected interview turned out to be something different.

The next day, we came back as instructed with the question in mind if we’re already hired. It was like a guessing game. But at the end of that day, Dyei finally took the initiative to ask and luckily, we got a positive response. We’re already trainees and we’ll be receiving allowance. The question is, when can we call ourselves as regular employees? Hmmm.

Today is Monday and you are right, we survived the first week of work. As a matter of fact, I’m here in the office while typing this entry. Just wish me and friend, Dyei the best of luck here. Thanks!

And yes, that explain why I seldom update my blog. Please bear me with me. But I will never ever abandon this blog. I will still update but not on regular basis as before. Don’t worry, I still do visit this everyday. So, till my next post.

By the way, this is my 530th post.