Saturday, August 8, 2009

I was away for one week but not really away, actually. I was in Las Piñas for a vacation and to tutor my two cousins, as well. Nothing much happened except for non-stop bonding and laughtrip. I had good times with Mama Lolly, Daddy Rap-rap, Ninang Carina, Reina, Celine, Claudine and Stephen.

Last night, we were in SM Mall of Asia to meet Celine's best friend. We strolled around MOA with Issa. Afterwhich, we met the rest of the guys at Racks. We went directly to Fields because Ninang Carina and Daddy Rap-rap were inquiring about the condo unit. So yeah, we just stayed there for quite a long time while hearing our stomachs producing unwanted sounds. Hahaha :))

After that, we dropped by Team Manila and Ninang Carina bought us tote bags. Thanks for that! :D We had our super late dinner at North Park. We actually arrived home at around 12am because of traffic. Hays.

Today, we first dropped by the cemetery to visit Inang, Amang and Tita Helen then off we went to Kuya Jojo's new house. It is his birthday today, by the way. He had a mini celebration. Yummy foods. :) I really had a good conversation with Ate Alex. Too bad, we went home early.

And now, I'm back in Manila. I missed my family, the place, my laptop and everything. :) Ninang Carina is actually encouraging me to extend my stay but unfortunately, I will go to Quezon City on Tuesday. And yes, they will be here on Tuesday and she was asking me if I want to go with them again. I'm still thinking about it.

Sweet, isn't it? And yes, I'm kinikilig again. Hahaha :) I dunno why I always get kilig whenever I see pictures of them. Perhaps, because they look so good together. :)

Anyways, do wish me the best of luck on Tuesday. Hope everything will be fine. :D