Friday, March 20, 2009


The saddest part about purposely ignoring someone, is that when you decided to notice and acknowledge his presence again, the person effortlessly pays no attention.

Its been a while since I last updated my blog. I didn't purposely do it. Actually, I am not really that busy but I just cannot find time to post an entry and update you, guys, about me and my crazy life. Oh, by the way, this is my 500th post. As you notice, this blog has been existing for quite a long time and I am really proud because it is still alive and kicking.

Anyway, I will just give you a little update about me during the past weeks. This is my first post for the month of March and I actually hate myself because I couldn't find time updating this one. The first week of March was actually spent in school, most of the time. We were not really busy preparing for the upcoming Final Exams the next week, instead, we were busy doing our own stuff. I was part of the boys troop because my girl friends were too busy playing Call of Duty in a computer shop near our school. I admit, it sucked a bit but then, I have found a different kind of companionship with the boys.

Second week of March was spent again in school in which we were about to take the last sets of examinations as students. I didn't study or even read my notes because we didn't have any. One of the best parts of that week was during the time we took our exam in one of our major subjects. It was a Wednesday, if I am not mistaken. I was passing my exam papers when I noticed that I was the only girl left in the room. My girl friends left me without any word and thank God, my supermen were there. I had no choice but to join them once more. I have been living this one-of-the-boys life since last month, actually. We food tripped and laugh tripped. We were just in front of 7/11 till night. It was fun though.

And by the way, my dad is here in the Philippines for a vacation and of course, to attend my graduation. We fetched him in the airport last March 12. I am extremely happy to see him once again. We went to Duty Free afterwards.

Few days left and I will be marching down the aisle of PICC and received my diploma. I am having mixed emotions. I can feel the sense of excitement because finally, I have achieved something. But then, I am feeling sad because I know we'll be parting ways. I don't want to think of it but it is a fact. I know, we will still be seeing each other but not all the time. I will miss everything in them. All the things that we have shared, I will miss them all. I wanna cry both in happiness and sadness. But I will never ever let this friendship be ruined by the distance. I know we could still catch up and meet anytime we want. It is just that we will become busier since the real world is not as easy as I imagined.

And one more thing, do create a Facebook Account. It is fun. Hahaha c: You've got to add me there. I'm getting hooked on that. It is much interesting and fun than Friendster.

Cez is happy, absolutely happy.