Monday, March 30, 2009

It's better to say something direct to the point that to keep someone guessing. Because, maybe, what his/her interpretation will be different from what you want to say.

Nineteen years ago, I have started to see how beautiful this world is. I was being loved and cared by everyone around me, most especially, my parents. They have given me everything that will make me happy. I have received all the wonderful things life can offer. I have gotten everything that I wanted. I was the cute little girl whom everyone adored, loved and admired.

As I started to grow, special attention was given to me. People liked me, they even loved me. I was always the favorite girl, being carried and cradled. I used to get what I wanted. I used to see all the amazing things around me. I traveled from one place to another.

Fifteen years ago, I started my pre-school year. I was enrolled in a public school. I wasn't really a regular student but considered as one. I have done well in school. I know how proud my parents were. Though I can hardly recall everything, I know how happy they were seeing me in front and being awarded.

Fourteen years ago, my mom enrolled me in a private school where I started my first grade. I was supposed to take an exam for preparatory but was given a first grade exam and fortunately, I passed it. I met my best friend. I met several friends and just trusted a few. My elementary days were absolutely fun. I have met my genuine friends which until now, I still treasure.

Eight years ago, I stepped a year higher. I have started my secondary education in the same school as my elementary. This has been a special part of my student life. Several things happened, from good to bad, from happy to sad - meaning, a lot with different emotions and scenarios. I have new set of friends but I still have my elementary friends beside me. I have learned new things, met special people - true friends and experienced a lot of new things. This stage of my life, I can say, was really exciting and fun-filled.

Four years ago, I entered the gates of Colegio de San Juan de Letran. It wasn't my school of choice. I have a lot of choices in mind and Letran was not one of them. I really didn't know how I ended up here but all I know, I didn't regret it. I have my high school best friend with me when the first day of my college life began. We decided to study in the same college.

My college days were really fun, enjoying and as a matter of fact, words are not enough to describe how enjoyable my college life was. I have met new faces with different personalities but ended up as my trustworthy and cool friends - Thine Iced and Chillax Crew. They have been with me all throughout. We shared a lot of things, name it, school works, personal problems, financial problems and the like. I love them to bits.

I have experienced a lot during this stage of my life and my friends were there with me. I have tried new things and learned a lot from them. My trust, feelings, emotions and everything in me have been tested and managed to get through it. My college life has been the most exciting and terrific stage of my book. It taught me a lot of things which I will carry until the end of time. Letran instilled values that I will bring as time goes on.

Finally, after fifteen years of struggles and hardships of being a student, it has come to its end. It's mixed emotions, I swear. Excitement fills me as the day draws nearer but there is also sadness inside of me. I will miss a lot. For sure, I'm gonna look for it from time to time.

After graduation, I will start looking for jobs. The real world is indeed huge. I don't know if I could find a job right away. There's this what we call, financial crisis. I will be very busy and them as well. Looking for free times is not as easy as I could imagine. It will be very hard for us to meet and catch up. I will miss my friends to the max. As in. Super.

And my friends? They will forever be cherished and treasured. I know that they will always be there for me no matter what happen. Our friendship will never end. It is always there, growing and nurturing despite our distance and busy time.

By the way, can I ask a favor from you? Can you just include in your prayer that my dad will get well soon. He's sick right now and we don't have any idea as to where his fever comes from. Please. We really need it. Do pray for his immediate recovery. Hope he gets well pretty soon. Thank you so much!