Friday, October 30, 2009

Meet my officemates

Cez, Eunice, Dyei, Jonie and Jeared

Dyei, Cez, JL, Eunice and Sir Moe

Cez, Eunice and Dyei

Happy Halloween! :) We had fun in the office last night. Since we know that next week, those Halloween decorations will be replaced by Christmas decors, we made it a point that we have souvenir pictures with it.

Before Dyei and I went home, we had some picture taking with our officemates. It was one heck of a fun night. How I wish the rest of the agents were there so we can have pictures together. Hehe :))

Another thing, next week, the schedule of the agents will be different and we won't be seeing JL that often. Well, I hope, on December the schedule will be more considerate to the agents because most of them are complaining about it.

The sad part is that I won't be seeing my 'Chuck Bass' anymore because he has the same shift with JL. Well, the question is, will he still come back to the office? Because right now, the seniors can't contact him. Oh well, I just wish him the best of luck.

With the new schedule and new faces to meet, I hope to befriends with all of them. I will surely miss the laughing session every evening before we go home.