Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First of all, happy birthday to Mama Mary and to me, as well. :)) I just turned twenty and time to edit my profiles. Though many people have told me that I look way younger than my age. They used to say that I look like a sixteen-year old high school student. I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or not. But it makes me feel flattered a bit. :)

I slept late last night, waiting for the clock to strike at 12 midnight expecting that my BBF will do the same thing I did during his birthday but he didn't. I admit, I was disappointed. Plus, I was really expecting that he will greet me first just like last year but he didn't. I actually thought that he forgot my birthday but good thing, he didn't. He texted me during lunchtime. He seems so busy because he is working right now.

I attended the 6am mass with my mom. I thank God for another wonderful year He has given me. I hope this would be as memorable and colorful as my past years. I also wish that God would give me and my family all the blessings we deserve. And of course, I wish that God would bless me with the work I'm yearning for a long time.

I'm also touched with Dyei for greeting me in Twitter, Tumblr and Plurk. She did text me, as well. I so love you, BFF! :) Thanks for everything. Although, we don't see each other that often, I know you're always there. You'll be turning twenty too in a few days. :)

Another friend surprised me by calling me here in the house. Actually, I haven't heard anything from him lately and I was actually curious as to where is he now. I missed him and our long conversations over the phone. Whenever he calls, everything is spontaneous. We talk about anything and everything under the sun, random topics and all that. Glad to be able to converse with him today.

There is another guy friend whom I thought forgot my birthday because I was expecting that he will greet me at midnight but he didn't. I missed him because we haven't exchanged messages for quite a while. I was touched because when I told him that I thought he forgot my special day, this is his reply: "Ako pa! Hindi ko kaya makakalimutan birthday mo." He's already working. I asked him to drop by here but he's too far from Manila and his duty ends at 6pm. If only my house is close to his, he will surely come here, that's what he said.

I feel like I'm left behind already because most of my close friends are working already. I hope I will be able to land a good job pretty soon. I really can't wait because I'm so bored here in the house. I know better opportunities will soon come my way. I just have to wait, pray and think positive.

And to everyone who greeted me today in Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, Tumblr and those who texted, called and greeted me personally, thank you so much! :) I'm so touched because you all remembered my special day. I'm well-loved and I thank you, guys for everything. You all made me happy. I love you all. <3