Thursday, November 23, 2006

it was a sh*tty morning for me but this day ended up quite good. i left the house at around 9:45am and i reached Divi at around 10:00am. i was really glad coz i was early and i still have 30 minutes to drive from Divi to Letran. but my gladness turned to madness because of that d*mn traffic there. the jeep i was into was stucked there for 20 minutes and that was so terrible. amf!!! i was really praying that time not to be late because time was running so fast. i really hate that traffic. i reached the Colegio 5 minutes before the time. i hurriedly swiped my ID then, went upstairs. i was really in a hurry that time that i almost run. hehe =D i used the stairs near my room and the sad part there was, our room is located at the 4th Floor and going up was a hussle. but i had no choice, no elevators eh. hehe =D when i reached my room and i took a glimpse on the window there if there was a professor and unfortunately, there was. but i was still lucky because the class wasn't started. no attendance and no prayers. and there were only few people there. yey!!! i was really worn out that i was really gasping for air. then, i started telling them what really happened.

anywei, we just had an experimient on our Physics class and i was kinda confound with the lesson. at first, i couldn't get it but as our prof explained it, finally, i got it. another discussion during the SAD class and we transferred room. he discussed the Chapter 1 of our Thesis and my gosh, i think i couldn't finish it. haaay =/ the first chapter is long enough. haha =D but i'm still seeking for strength to be able for us to finish it. good thing, Eunice is my partner. we just need to work hard for us to accomplish it. another discussion on our VB class but our professor was absent again but there was a sub. criticizing the Jay-of-Cueshe-look-a-like, i prefer the substitute prof last Tuesday than him. maybe because, she was just better. then, it was dismissal.

here are some of the pics with my girlfriends. want some pics? you can visit my Multiply site. it is WALKINGDOLL.MULTIPLY.COM

i really love these girls!!!

Tree of Life?! hehe =D

at San Agustin Museum