Friday, November 17, 2006

as what we had planned yesterday, Eunice and i went to my former school, Manila Cathedral School to ask if we could analyze their current Library System. as usual, Eunice came late. hehe =D but it's okay. after some preparations, we hurriedly went to the school. at first, i was hesitant to approach the guard there but after some time, i asked him about Sir Barbs and he let us in. i saw Mr. Bautista there making some visit. he is my former Physics teacher way back fourth year high school and now, he is a Physics professor in Metropolitan. we went inside and Sir Barbs asked as to go to the office and talk to the Secretary. thanks to Meann, one of the officers for accompanying us to the office. then, as we went in, i saw and greeted Mrs. Llabres and Mr. Maur. i greeted them Good Afternoon when i saw Mr. Tagorda, my former General Science teacher beside the Secretary. when i gave the letter to the Secretary, Mr. Tagorda did some interview. hehe =D he asked me about the purpose of my surprise visit, what course i'm taking up and where i'm studying. when i said that i'm taking up IT, he said very good. hehe =D that means, i took up a good course. Mr. Macato, my CLE teacher for two years was also there. he asked me about my year level. since, the principal, Mrs. Bulotano was doing something outside the office, the Secretary decided to went out and let the principal read our letter and she said that it was approved that we can go up to the Library and talk to Mrs. Samonte, the Librarian. she was surprised to see me and good thing, she entertained us well. i was so thankful coz she was not snobbed. we just asked her sbout some things and then, we went back here at my house.

after taking our lunch, i opened my Laptop and copied the Demo about Visual Basic on Eunice's flash. we surfed the net and checked our Friendster. we saw lots of cute guys there. haha =D then, we chatted a lot. we talked about boys, of course, our friends, subjects, professors and much more. hehe =D mostly, we talked about our you know, crushes. hehe =D

now that we had a system already, i hope, no, we hope that this proposal will be approved by Sir Gee when we pass this on Tuesday. this particular thing is very difficult compared to the projects and activities before. so, i guess, this will talke lots of hardwork and perseverance for us to accomplish this.

good luck to Dyei, Joanne and Jen tomorrow. they will be searching for a system to analyze by tomorrow and i hope that they could find one. we just envy you coz you're three in the group. hehe =D