Wednesday, November 29, 2006

this is another busy day for me. we just had some discussions during my Theo class. though most of us were just talking and chatting, our prof didn't mind it. hehe :P he has lots of patience. we had a quiz on our Humanities and i am so glad with the results. :D my friend, Joanne has a crush on this guy who has been a classmate of ours in Humanities and PE. he is also the same person who checked my quiz in PE. while our prof in Hum was setting up the Laptop, he let us review the lessons. Joanne and Eunice were waiting for him to arrive. i never thought that Eunice will like him also because the first time she saw him, she exactly said to Joanne, "Di kaya. Yan? Crush mo yan?" and to our surprise, she likes him also. haha :P the quiz started but he was nowhere in sight. he arrived during the middle of the quiz. so, he just sit at the back and didn't take the quiz. after the class, we were like stalkers then when we waited for him outside te room. when he went out and walked a little bit and went to his next room, we followed him. good thing, our Speech Lab was just near his room. haha :P we had a reason to stay there also. we waited outside for a while coz the guard was still checking the Speech Lab. we did nothing during our English class and that wasn't good. :( my Networking class is always okay but our IRM class is always boring. just like kanina, my friends and i felt like we were just sit-ins that time because my prof's attention was just focused on the people in front and it wasn't good at all. actually at first, we really felt that it will go that way because our classmates are really annoying and ma-epal. unlike before that we were really nice to our classmates. this time, it's different and i hate it. i love my SAD class more than my IRM class. :(

NO CLASSES TOMORROW!!! it was declared by the president because of the supertyphoonthat the country is expected to come by tomorrow. not good at all for me. a part of me feel happy because there will be no classes, no quiz in VB and of course, i will have a long break since i don't have classes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. it will be a four-day vacation for me. :P but another part of me feel a bit sad coz i won't be receiving money tomorrow and for sure, there will be make-up classes and i really don't like that. :(