Thursday, November 16, 2006

i woke up early coz Eunice and i had to meet. our letter had been printed already. then, we went upstairs to our room. Physics again. actually, i was lazy during my Physics class coz of the unlucky thing that had happened just this morning. anywei, our prof just discussed Ohm's Law and it sucks. i mean, i really don't like the topic. it is really difficult plus he just gave us a couple of examples and after that, exercises. waaah =/ a surprised Quiz during our SAD class. when Eunice and i entered the room, Gizang surprised us with a bad news that we will he having our first quiz on that subject. i didn't review nor read. he had given us a short time to read the module then, its Quiz time. hate it. good thing, i have so many answers but i hope they were all right. haha =D just wish me luck. hehe =D i don't wanna fail the first quiz on my major subject. one subject to go and we will be dismissed. can't wait. hehe =D

tomorrow, Eunice and i will be going to my former school for our SAD thesis. we will be analyzing their Library System which is run manually. we will be proposing a computerized Library System and hopefully, Sir Gee will approve our proposal.