Thursday, November 9, 2006

this is just the first week but it seems like a month has passed by coz of lots of school stuffs we need to finish. most of our professors are really diligent that even in the first day of class, they already taught us some lessons and that was very boring, of course. it was kinda funny to know that my ex-crushes are my classmates in one subject which is our major. i feel really awkward and uncomfortable coz of the fact that they are sitted right in front of me. hehe =D well, for me, it is just okay that we are classmates coz my crushness on them fizzled out already but the fact that they are just near me seems so discomfited. of course, i can't talk to them coz we aren't close and i also feel that there's a feeling of hesitation on their part. well, enough of this. hehe =D

Dyei has so many boylets and Eunice too. haha =D *peace* in every class that we are in to, Dyei has partner/s. haha =D it is because Eunice used to tease her. and Eunice, her ex-crushes [??] are also our classmates in some subjects. only Joanne has no partner. good for her. hehe =D

we will be doing our baby thesis on our major under Sir Gee. my partner is Eunice and still no idea who will be the third person in the group. i know it will be very difficult that's why, we have to think of a good topic as early as possible. haaaay =/

but you know, i can't say anything wrong regarding my professors. they are all good. until now, i'm still undecided on what specialization i'm going to choose next year. it is hard to decide especially now, that i don't know where i excel among the four specializations.

have to end this up. i still need to do my assignment in PE and Theo. by the way, i might not post regularly coz for sure, i will be very busy in school but i'll try to find time.