Saturday, November 4, 2006

still, i'm not yet ready to enter school again and face those professors and accomplish their never-ending requirements. but i should be happy coz i'll be receiving money again. haha =D but i'm in the tipid mode right now and i should keep all the money i have for Christmas. anywei, i've been loaded last night and finally, i was able to text my friends. i was texting Dyei, Eunice and Niko. well, i just miss them especially the kulitan session. Eunice asked me to share some stories, you know, what's the latest but since, i didn't have load the entire sembreak and i just used to face the computer all the time, i wasn't able to share some. well, nothing new about me, it is just that i gained weight. yeah, i really gained lots of weight in just a month and i hate that. i should take diet again. no rice policy again. i need to lose weight.

by the way, NBA Season just started and i'm satisfied with how the Philadelpia 76ers played their first two games. their next opponent will be the Miami Heat. have you watched how the Chicago Bulls defeated the Heat in their first game? whatta shame on the part of the Heat. a defending champ was defeated on their first game with the Bulls having the big lead. kinda funny. hehe =D bad opening for the Detroit Pistons as they were defeated also on their first game.