Saturday, May 26, 2007

The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love. ~Henry Miller

I was enjoying my sleep this morning when suddenly, my grandma woke me up. Surprisingly, we had an outing slash swimming party to celebrate the 7th Birthday of my niece, Bettina. Well, we didn't have any plan of attending because the venue was far from our place but just this morning, they decided to attend.

Laguna is the place. I have been there before and I can say that I had a boring trip. Well, it is too far from our place. It took us two and a half hours until we reached the destination which is a clubhouse. And in that two hours, we didn't have any stopover. My butt was aching because I was just sitting during the entire trip.

When we were there already, we took our lunch first because the children's party was supposed to start at 1pm but because some were late, it started at 2pm. We had lots of fun though we really didn't participate with the party. Me, together with my cousins had some picture-takings outside the venue. After that, merienda came next. Yummy foods again!

After eating, the kids readied themselves and jumped to the swimming pool. We thought that the pool was just good for the kids but we were wrong because the pool is so deep but there is a pool there intended for the kids. The kids really enjoyed it. We, on the other hand, just watched all of them. We were a bit lazy then.

But then, in the end, we decided to swim too because the rain poured down. Actually, it rained so hard that it was kinda painful. But I didn't stay there for a long time because I felt itchy. I don't know why. Maybe, the water was dirty because the kids were the first ones who used it and we really can't avoid if someone will pee there. But the water was really dirty, it was unclear already when we swam. And because of that itchiness that I felt, I decided to take a bath earlier than them.

Though I really didn't have the time to stay long in the water still, I enjoyed this day. This day was so tiring yet enjoying. I really had the time to bond with my other cousins because we seldom have events like this which is somewhat a get-together. Perhaps, this would be the last outing we will have for the year, since three weeks from now, the classes will start.

I will upload the pics tomorrow. I'm kinda lazy now.