Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have to cease to live. ~Mark Twain

we attended the civil wedding of my cousin this morning. it was just held in their house which is apparently few steps away from ours. we had our lunch there, of course. in our family, my cousin is the third who took wedding in civil. the first one was my auntie who is currently residing in US, then the second was my other cousin who had their wedding in Intramuros and the third was with my cousin who just married now. well, if my turn comes, i would probably choose to do it the legal way, i mean, wedding in church because i believe that a marriage is more powerful and long-lasting if it is blessed by God. but i guess, i don't have to think about marrying this early because i'm too young. few months from now, i'll be turning 18 and everyone's excited about it which makes me feel it too.

speaking of turning 18, i've talked to some of my aunties earlier and they want to have a Cotillion de Honor on my debut. on my part, i really don't want to have because i think it would be hassle on my guests who will be part of it since we need to attend practices. in addition, it would be an additional expense on our part because we need to hire choreographer who will choreograph the steps and prepare foods for them. a cousin of mine who will help me in the preparations suggested than instead of cotillion because cotillion nowadays are modernized, some of my family members should prepare an intermission number. it will be up to them what would it be but its cooler if it would be a dance number. on Saturday, we'll be checking or canvassing invites at Recto. invites will be done by someone because i think, it will be more expensive if i'll do it and it will be an additional work for me. instead of wasting my time in doing the invites, i should use it in making the Programme, finalizing my guests and arranging their seat numbers. by now, i know the design of my gown, in fact, i have a copy of it already plus the party dress and the cake. and guys, if you know a band whom we can hire, please tell me. thanks.

this afternoon, we visited an Ophthalmologist because i had an eye check-up. you'll be surprised when you knew the grade of my eyes. i, too, was surprised that both of my eyes have a grade of 400. i have an astigmatism. so probably, by next week, we'll be visiting an optical shop and buy eyeglasses and contact lenses too. i badly need new pair of contacts because i'll use it in school and the eyeglasses? i'll use it here in our house. at the same time, my mom had a check-up with her doctor in Goiter because my mom once detected of a goiter. i bet that was 4 years from now and she underwent Radioactive iodine to melt the excess thyroid cells. but now, she is definitely okay and i'm so happy about it. good thing, the Radiation was successful.