Monday, May 14, 2007

We always have a choice. Its the choices that make us who we are and we can always choose to do what is right. ~Peter Parker (Spiderman)

today isn't any ordinary day for every Filipino because today we were voting and electing new leaders that we believe will play a good role in the government and are deserving of the positions they are running. as a young citizen of this country, i believe that every vote is powerful. people vote because they want changes in this country. they vote because they believe that the person/s they're voting can play a big role in the government. i just hope that people vote the right persons, those who are deserving and willing to serve the country without expecting anything in return. people should stand on their principles and on what they believe is right.

with the span of 2-3 months of campaign period, i heard lots of platforms and agendas from those candidates who are running for Senator, Mayor, Congressman and the like. campaign jingles were heard everywhere and ads were seen on tv screens. forms of cheating were being made most especially vote buying. i was a witness of vote buying here in our place though i didn't see it personally but a loved one of mine experienced it. one of the candidates for Mayor, i think i should name him, Ali Atienza gave money (150php) to some of the tambays here in our street. and most of the people that i was able to talk to proved to me that Ali was really giving money during the campaign period.

PEOPLE, DID YOU VOTE WISELY??? i hope you did. let them hear your screams, your wants and needs. i've been very vocal ever since that i'm really routing for Chiz Escudero because i really do believe on what he can do. i know he will be great leader in this country. i'm hoping that he'll win. actually, if i'm really allowed to vote, i'll only vote for Chiz and nothing more. but unfortunately, i'm still not allowed because i'm only 17 years old. but hey, on the next election, i will not let my first ever experience to vote be taken away from me because i believe on what my vote can do.

from politics to sports. i'm so disappointed because of the defeat of Detroit Pistons against Chicago Bulls. when i saw the scores in NBA, i was like 'what happened?'. my hope for a sweep will never come true because the series is now 3-1. i'm hoping and wishing that since the next game will be held in Detroit, they will do their very best to win the series. on the other side, Utah Jazz won against Golden State Warriors which makes the series 3-1.

this afternoon, i, together with my mom, tita and cousins went to Tutuban to look for a Constantino attire for my cousin, Cha-cha. he will be my escort on the 21st. he'll play the role of Constantino. at the same time, we also bought a sword for him as part of his costume. i'm still undecided if i'm going to wear a crown or flower. because i want to put a little bit of twist to it. instead of wearing the traditional crown, i want to wear a crown of flowers like what Princess Janelle wore during their wedding with Prince Gian. how about you? what do you think?

last night, i was able to talk to Camille, a friend way back High School. she confessed to me her problems regarding her complicated lovelife. how i pity her?! if i'm on her place, maybe i'll just give up because everything's complicated. its like you feel that everything's right but the truth, it's totally wrong. i just hope that she can surpass all the challenges she have right now. i know she can do it. i know she's strong. i just told her that i'll be on her back all the time and i'll support her on whatever decision she'll make. honestly, i am really against the relationship she has right now but i can't stop her because i know that she's happy.

Thine Iced is now celebrating our 22nd Monthsary. i miss my girl friends a lot. 22 months of true friendship. i'm really happy for meeting all of you. you know who you are.