Saturday, May 12, 2007

Life has taught of that love does not consist of gazing at each other but looking together in the same direction. ~Antoine de Saint Exupery

i don't know what to post right now coz nothing productive happened today. i miss my friends a lot. sadly, i couldn't text them because i don't have any load at all. in short, i'm broke. because it's summer vacation, i am not entitled to receive any allowance and that is the sad part of having a vacation. last month, i used all the money i have for my luxuries. hehe :P shopping galore and so, by now, i only have a little and i'm keeping that money because i need to buy something by tomorrow.

Detroit Pistons carries a 3-0 record by now. yey! they just need one game for them to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. i'm still looking forward to a sweep. they had beaten Chicago Bulls thrice in a row and hopefully, on their next game in Chicago, Pistons will get the ticket to the Eastern Finals.

Blake Lewis was almost gone again. i admit, he deserved it. why? coz his performances last performance night weren't good enough. i, too, was very much disappointed. yeah, Blake's good. there is something in him that makes him unique but his performances were just horrible. and hopefully, he will give his best shot this week. i want him to be the American Idol and so, he needs to give his very best.

hey! Elections will be two days for now. always remember, VOTE WISELY! don't let them deprive us the freedom to vote what we want though i'm not yet allowed to vote. use your mind and heart in voting. don't let them dictate on who you should vote. your vote is important because through that, changes will be made (hopefully). just don't forget CHIZ ESCUDERO on your ballots. as a young individual, i believe that he will be a good Senator. he has what it takes to be a good Senator. so please, voters, VOTE WISELY.