Monday, May 7, 2007

Its weird that it happens isn't it? You still love the person, but you stop needing them like you used to. ~Dawson's Creek

our celebration of Fiesta yesterday was so successful. i woke a little bit late but still managed to help my mom, grandma and tita in preparation of the things needed especially the foods. at 12nn, people started to come. and as early as 12nn, people started to drink alcoholic drinks. nothing new. just like last year, only few people came, mostly, family members. i was so disappointed because Isko Moreno wasn't able to come because of their motorcade problems but his wife came. that was 10pm when his wife and two friends, i guess came here in our house. she's pretty and a black-belter in Taekwando. plus she's really nice. this is the very first Fiesta that i was so worned-out. promise! coz before, i wasn't used to doing stuffs like preparation of foods and walking here and there. that day was so tiring for me. pics are uploaded on my Multiply. so, go and check it.

my mom and i went to Divisoria again to get the gown we requested for the Santacruzan. it is color Orange. Divi is overcrowded already. hehe :P i felt a bit dizzy because all i can see were just people and people. because we went out this afternoon, we failed to see the motorcade of Danny Lacuna and Isko Moreno with the rest of the candidates for councilor in District 1. too bad.

Having never won a leg the entire Race, surviving two Yields, being "marked for elimination", and even being removed from a plane, the comeback kids Eric & Danielle finished in grand fashion by winning THE AMAZING RACE: ALL-STARS. Beauty queens Dustin & Kandice settled for second place while cousins Charla & Mirna took third. --excerpt from Amazing Race.

the spoilers are right. i'm so happy because Eric won but kinda pissed because Danielle is part of the victory. i admit, i hate her because i have this huge crush on Eric. haha :P ever since the 9th season of the Amazing Race, i was really eyeing on this guy that's why when i learned that on this present season of TAR, they will be in one team and the term "Dating" was used, i was kinda disappointed. laugh at me because this is too shallow but yeah, i felt disappointment when i knew that they are already dating. too bad for me. hehe :P but hey, i still have Tyler Denk from Season 10. Tyler is way better than Eric in terms of body. wahaha :P