Saturday, May 5, 2007

It is possible to cross an ocean without wetting the feet. But it is impossible to cross life without wetting the eyes.

okay. this day is sooooooo tiring for me. i woke up early to help my grandma in preparing the foods needed for tomorrow. what's with tomorrow? well, it's the Feast Day of Sta. Monica which in turn our Parish Church. we need to celebrate. why? our relatives from different side of the Philippines will be coming here and of course, some family friends. i hope that Isko Moreno will come. haha :P such a cutie. actually, he is a family friend. my tito once introduced him to us and that time he was running for councilor. he was so nice and friendly. i remember how he calls my lola Nanay. he's sweet. one time, he brought his wife and son here. he also attended my grandpa's 75th Birthday. yeah, that's how close he is to our family. so, i'm hoping to see him tomorrow for some picture-taking. haha :P he's not my crush but he is really cute in person.

last night, i was informed that i'll be going to be the Reyna Elena on my Tita's Santacruzan. every May 21, a Santacruzan is being held here in our place as celebration for my cousin's birthday. a year ago, Reina, my cousin promised that she'll play the part of Reyna Elena but just this week, she backed-out. why? she said the right now, she gained a lot of weight. she's in the States right now for a vacation and will be back on 8th. everyone's problematic coz they don't know who will be the RE and so, they had an idea of having me as the RE. oh crap! i like the idea though but we are on expense right now. but hello? i really can't turn down my Tita's invitation because we're so close. of all the titas i have in my dad's side, i can say that she's the closest to me. no choice but i really have to play that part on the 21st. diet mode. hehe :P

Blake's almost gone but good thing, he survived. he's the only guy now.
Chris was voted off and i was sad.
New Jersey will advance to the second round of the Playoffs
Amazing Race Finale on Monday. I so love Eric. hehe :P