Sunday, May 13, 2007

The art of being happy lies in the power of finding happiness in ordinary things. Life does not force us to be the best, it only asks that we try.

first of all, Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there. :D we should give thanks to our moms because they are the number one reason why we are now present in this world. we should honor them for they have shown so many sacrifices since we were just in their wombs. come to think of it, bearing us in their wombs for nine months is such a big sacrifice and add up to it, the pain brought to them when we were born. while we were growing up, they sacrificed a lot for our sake. i remember what my mom used to say that it is better to buy something for me and my bro rather than buying something for herself. its just that they sacrificed so many things just to see us happy. and isn't it we need to thank them for all the hardships we've brought to them? there were times that they got mad at us because we did something wrong but after a while, where are we? in front of them asking for forgiveness while them? they couldn't resist it. as the saying goes: "Di kayang tiisin ng ina ang sarili nyang anak." and so, this is the best day to thank them for everything they have done for us. and at the same time, say sorry for all the wrong doings we've done in the past.

change topic. San Antonio Spurs defeated the Phoenix Suns which makes the series 2-1. i am a Suns fan and i want the Suns to play in the Finals. on the other side, Cleveland was defeated by the New Jersey which makes the series 2-1. i thought the Cavaliers will again go for a sweep but the Nets didn't allow it. Detroit is the only team now with a clean record. Pistons all the way!!!

by the way, Letran-Manila now has new Rector in the person of Fr. Tamerlane Lana. this is according to Eunice since she is now an SA so she knows a lot of gossips. hehe :P anyway, he is the former rector of UST and our former rector will now be the rector of Letran-Bataan. with the new President, i'll be expecting changes, most especially with the Rules and Regulations. but one thing that i would like to happen is: NO CORRUPTION. with accordance to that, the opening of classes was moved to June 13 and the Adjustment Period was moved to May 31-June 1 but needs confirmation.

and don't forget, VOTE WISELY!!!