Friday, June 29, 2007

Have you ever noticed that the more special you treat someone, the more that someone takes you for granted? It's like they think you won't ever change.

This day is actually my review day because I studied my DataComm notes for the upcoming quiz on Monday and at the same time, read the Module3 of my VB MOC for the graded recitation on that same day. By tomorrow, as I arrive home, I would study for my Networking quiz on Wednesday.

You know what, I saw my crush, the Starstruck avenger, Dex Quindoza near our place. Actually, my mom and I together with my auntie were walking on the street next to ours when suddenly, someone caught my attention. I told to myself: "ang gwapo ata" and so, I turned my head on the side and I ended up looking at him straight to the eyes. Meaning, we had some sort of eye to eye contact. As we walked, I was really thinking that he is familiar, that I somehow saw him but I really couldn't remember it. So, I turned my head again and I saw his uniform (Dex is studying at PMI), hence, I already remembered who he was. And I told my mom about him because she knew that I've got a huge crush on Dex. It didn't sink in right away and I was really quiet while walking until I finally remembered that he was Dex Quindoza, my crush. Kilig to the bones.

Actually, the first time I saw him at Starstruck, I was really tongue-tied and starstrucked on him. And then later on, I found out that he is from Tondo which is the same place where I live in and so, I asked where in Tondo. After knowing that he is from PeƱalosa, I was like "really?" because that place is one ride away from ours and a friend of my uncle lives there. I really wanted to go there just to see him. But then, after Starstruck, my admiration for him started to fizzle out until I saw him again on Move (Billy Crawford's show). And because I saw him again and found out that he is more handsome in person, I think, I admire him more right now. I wanna see him again. haha =] Sorry but I really can't get over what happened this afternoon. Hopefully, I could see more of him and by this time, not in TV but in person. I like him because he is good-looking and a good dancer.

I watched Letran's game this afternoon against St. Benilde. Thanks to Eunice for reminding me about it. As what I have heard from the past few days, CSB is a tough team this season because they have lots of new players. But then, I know that Letran wouldn't allow their opponents to hinder them from achieving what they want to achieve. During the 3rd Quarter, the difference on their scores didn't go beyond 4 points in favor of Letran but with the Knights' awesome defense during the final quarter, they won the game with a big deficit. Seeing them play like that yet knowing that most of the players are just rookies makes me wanna cheer them more. Unlike before, I almost lost my interest on watching because of the way they played the game, but now, I really could sense that they are really eager in grabbing the 17th Championship title. Better Luck next time CSB!!!