Saturday, June 30, 2007

No one can resist love. In fact, the more you resist the feeling, the more it will persist and eventually, it will grow in your heart. Unknowingly, the very cave that you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you're looking for.

As what we have planned, Ate Alex and I, together with her very adorable daughter Zachee went to Recto to check for the invitations for my upcoming debut. They fetched me here in our house at around 12nn and we went directly to Recto. We were stuck in Tayuman for a while because it was traffic. We later arrived at Recto and took a sidecar going to our first stop which was the Quiapo Printing. According to Ate Alex, that was the place where Yipee's invites were made. I looked at the samples and I saw some which I can say pretty and eye-catching but the problem is that they are somehow expensive. We liked one but it was just so simple and so, we decided to check other stores in Recto. We went to the next store and found some nice yet cheap invites. When I heard the range of prices, I was surprised because they are way cheaper than those in the first store. Afterwards, we went again to another store and there I saw the invites that I can say the perfect one for my special event. And even the price is manageable. Ate Alex took a picture of it so my mom could see it. With that, I already decided that I want that as my invites for my 18th Birthday.

We went directly to Tutuban after that. We ate at Jollibee since Zachee was with us and she was the one who suggested to eat at every kid's favorite fast food chain. Then we went to Primeblock because Ate Alex bought fabrics there. After that, we went home. By the way, I will post the pics of the invites once I get a copy from Ate Alex's phone.

This day is really tiring for me and I was not able to study for my graded recitation and quizzes though I studied yesterday but I think, those were not enough. I decided to just study tomorrow. I have so many things to study.

Today is the big day because tonight, the Big Winner of the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 will be announced. And I am really looking forward for either Mickey or Gee-Ann's victory. And if ever Wendy wins (because I know it is really possible), I guess this would be PBB's worst, craziest and most disgusting season because the one who emerged as winner is the most undeserving of all. If PBB and ABS-CBN would not want their credibility to be destroyed, they should not let the Wendy-girl win the PBB. I know most people really hate her because of what she had shown and it is one of the reasons why we don't want her to win. I hope, the people behind PBB will hear our screams and won't let that crazy girl win.