Saturday, June 2, 2007

It is better to cry than to be angry; because anger hurts others while tears flow silently thru the soul and cleanses the heart. ~Pope John Paul II

This morning, Tito Boy went here together with his new girlfriend and the son of his new girlfriend. You must be wondering why new girlfriend, I tell you now, it is a long story and even me is confused about it. He came from Saudi and actually, my dad, him and Tito Bobby live in the same house there. He went here to give us the things that my dad bought there for us. I received a new pair of Havaianas which is Havaianas High, my third pair. Kuya Jie have his own pair of Havs too and a pair of shoes for my brother. There are a lot of more things that my dad bought for us which I think, I don't need to mention.

I want to share you something which is really inspiring. We attended an anticipated mass and I really loved the Homily of Msgr. Claro Garcia. It is about a guy who was caught by the authority for using a deck of cards inside a worship place. While they were on the session, the guy told them that he misplaced or rather say, lost his Bible and instead, used the deck of cards in preaching the Word of God. As far as I can remember, the guy was explaining his side and handed the Ace card which means there is only one God, number Two means there are two divisions of Bible (the Old and New), Three means the Holy Trinity, Four refers to the four evangelists who wrote the Gospel, Five refers to the five virgins who attended the Wedding at Cana, Six refers to God six-day work, Seven refers to the rest day of God which in present, became the Sabbath Day, Eight refers to the eight people God saved from the flood, Nine, I actually forgot it *scratches the head*, Ten refers to the Ten Commandments, King refers to Jesus Christ, Queen refers to the Virgin Mary and Jack refers to the demons. The guy then got the 12 cards excluding the Jack because it means demons and it refers to the 12 months of the year, the four signs or symbols (spade, heart, diamond and clubs) refers to the four weeks in a month and when you count all the cards, its total will be 52 which refers to the total number of weeks in a year and when you count all the symbols in the entire deck, the total will be 356 which is the total number of days in a year. Great, ayt?

With what I have heard, I realized that a deck of cards is not just any non-sense things which we used forgambling but it is somehow important and relevant to us. It symbolizes something and so, we should give credit to it even just a bit.

I just want to share to all of you one of the most fantastic things I ever heard in my entire life.