Thursday, June 28, 2007

You will never realize how much you care about the person until the thought of him or her being with someone else is enough to break your heart.

Another week ends today. Yey! This is the my time to rest after four tiring school days. I always end the week with Thursday because I don't have any class during Friday. But before I went home this afternoon because originally, my dismissal is at 4.30pm but we went home at 6pm, I had some sort of bonding moments with Eunice, Joanne and Jhen. We stayed at 7/11 for a while and have some chit-chats.

This day started out good for me because I got a perfect score on my first quiz in Literature. Actually, four of us I guess, got the perfect score and I am so happy because I am one of them. Gian and Gizang reported about Dead Stars but we haven't finished it yet so we need to continue it on Tuesday. Then, three boring subjects came next. I don't need to elaborate what happened during those classes because they were really boring. As a matter of fact, my eyes wanted to close already because I was really sleepy but good thing, I controlled myself and I still learned from those subjects.

During the break, instead of having our lunch, Dyei and I did our take home seatwork in Solutions Architecture and if you could see us, you would surely laugh at us because we were cramming and we really didn't know what and how to start. Good thing, Dyei already did some and our problems were only few but still it was really hard because we had only one hour to finish it. But I guess, we were really fortunate because we finished it on time.

Our last subject was boring yet I enjoyed the activity that our professor told us to do. We were asked to write the things we want to have and achieve and on the back of the paper, we were asked to sort it from our top priority up to the last. We were laughing because of those weird things that popped out our minds like supernatural powers, 10 boyfriends/girlfriends and those material things that we want to have. As for me, my top priority is lifetime happiness and next to it is to touch people's lives. I really want to be remembered as someone who contributed in making their life worth living. Next to it are of course, MCSE Certification which I anxiously want to have by October and Diploma. Other things are to have a successful career, to own a big company, to have a great job with high salary and house and lot. Actually, I had written so many things and I was really laughing with what I have wrote. I also wrote as my last priority is to have the latest Hello Kitty items. hehe =] But I forgot to write one thing that I really want to have ever since High School and that is my own condo unit.

Anyway, I will start reviewing by tomorrow because Ate Alex and I will go to Recto on Saturday for some canvassing and hopefully, we could find a very pretty yet not-so expensive invitations. And at the same time, I will buy the journal needed on my Lit class. Lots of quizzes will be done next week and I really need to study and add up to it is the graded recitation. Sigh. I thought I could take a rest but I was wrong because I have so many things to do this weekend.