Friday, February 29, 2008

Fixing someone's broken heart is much more like treating a sickness. No matter how hard you try, if you are not the right medicine, you can never cure the pain.

I have to go to school today because we will be presenting the software for our QTB. I arrived at 11am and found the Chillax boys playing basketball while some were staying in the stonebench and the girls were also there watching and cheering.

By the way, I used the bag given by Rex and Kam during my debut plus I also wore the bracelet that Niko gave to me as his birthday gift. Well, I just have to since last Friday, they were teasing me, including JL that I'm not using the gifts that they had given to me during my 18th birthday. But I was not able to use JL's gift because it is a slipper and wearing slippers are not allowed in school.

When I arrived, I let Rex see that I used the bag slash pouch and at first, he was like "ano yan?" until he realized that it was the bag that he gave to me. Then, I let him see the bracelet, as well. Too bad for JL because I didn't wear the flip-flops he gave.

I sat there with my girl friends while watching the boys played basketball against their opponents whom I don't have the idea who they are. We chatted and talked about stuffs and all.

Mr. Buen, our QTB professor, passed by and we asked him about the demo. At first, he wanted us to present at 3pm after the faculty meeting but we said that we were ready and we were just waiting for the laptop. Cha and I guarded him while he was watching the boys together with Mr. Sianturi and Mr. Ritual. He was actually joking us that if we will buy an ice cream for him, we will be exempted in the presentation.

We presented there, in the stonebench, but we were standing. We were kinda confused because only Dyei knows how the software runs. But good thing, the two software worked well and our presentation was okay.

We took our lunch at Snack Time, as what they call the cafeteria in front of Letran. But since, no pasta was available, Eunice and I went to 7/11 to buy some foods. We stayed there. Laughtrip again. We went inside the get the documents of our thesis but too bad, there was a faculty meeting going on. So, we need to wait until 3pm.

I just stayed at the catwalk with Dyei, Juls, Kelvin, Paul and Rey while the rest of the Chillax went to Rex's crib. We decided to watch Lila. It was a good film. It just conveys the reality eh. It's about the three types of girls namely Femme, Bi-Femme and Butch(tomboy). It was good. Job well done! In this year's PelikuLetran, I only watched three films namely Press Play, Kamatis and Lila. I wanna watch New Arrival and Bangar but I wasn't able eh. Kamatis was good. It was so funny and comedic. I love it! haha ;D

When the meeting ended, I directly went to Ms. Isip to get the documents but unfortunately, she was not able to receive it. I don't know where did Ryan pass it and I was about to cry that time. I texted Ian and I was so worried then because you know how important that documents to us. Then he informed me afterwards that the documents have been found and we have to get it on Monday but I just don't know if it is sure or what. He hasn't texted me until now. And until this time, I'm so worried. I just wanna cry. Mock Defense is on Tuesday and we haven't get the layouts and all other things needed at PLM and we badly need those. Right now, Ian is on Rex's crib enjoying and having fun as if we don't have thesis problems.

Anyway, before we went home, we dropped by SM Manila to buy ink and to stroll for a little while. Then, we separated ways. This day is just so tiring. I need some rest.