Saturday, February 9, 2008

You shouldn't be stupid enough to fall in love with someone who is stupid enough not to fall in love with you.

Yesterday, we had a double celebration as we celebrate the birthday of Mommy Jovie and her son, Cha-cha. It was Mommy Jovie's real birthday and Cha-cha's birthday was last Wednesday. Since it was Ash Wednesday and we were not allowed to eat anything meaty, we decided to celebrate it yesterday. We had the usual foods cooked by my grandma. Also, he also celebrated in school. We had Spaghetti and Chicken in our dining table. Plus my mom bought cake for him. There was no grand celebration, just a simple get together.

This morning, I did nothing but to edit pictures using Photoshop. I was so lazy, really. I didn't even think of my school works that I need to accomplish. Oh well, as the end of the semester is keeps on coming, I'm getting lazier and lazier. I don't know why. I have been thinking a lot of our thesis. Our thesismates and I have this plan of completing the Chapter 3 and pass it on Monday to our adviser for revisions. At least, the only thing that we should do would be to edit whatever mistakes in that Chapter.

This afternoon, we went again to PLM because we have an appointment with Mr. Ines, director of URC. We have talked about a lot of things and he even gave us some advices in order for us to have a good Chapter 3. Actually, we are thankful because he is so nice and you know, he is really willing to help us. And he even told us that he's trying to push our study and let it be reviewed by the university's president so that we could implement it to their school if the president would approve.

And now, we are trying to work out on our 3rd Chapter plus the two sets of questionnaires for the interview and survey. We should also pass those things to Mr. Ines so that we will be given the permission that we need and for us to be able to get the things needed for the Appendices.

Before we went home, we stayed first at 7/11 near Letran to discuss the things needed for the Chapter 3 so we could start doing it. We have a goal of passing that said chapter on Monday and be checked by our adviser. And the questionnaires should also be checked, as well. We have lots of things to do. Hopefully, we could finish that chapter by tomorrow.

Well, aside from the thesis, we still have loads of school works to finish belonging to other subjects, both major and minor. I'm feeling the pressure. Starting next week, presentation for the first three chapters will start. After that week would be Mock Defense then on the second Saturday of March would be the Final Defense. I will be busy starting today. I'm gonna finish the first part of our thesis eh and I don't want to cram.

I'm just so thankful that we chose PLM because the administrator and staff there are just so nice. We didn't experience problems talking to any of them most especially to Mr. Ines. Though we had a problem in our letter, still, he let us continue the study. And once we have already passed all the requirements, he will permit us to conduct interview and survey there. Plus, he is really willing to help us because he wants us to finish even the 4th Chapter. I guess, we're just so fortunate.

We are really hoping that everything will be fine and that we will become successful on this thesis that we are working with.