Thursday, March 8, 2007

i've been very busy these past few days and i can say that right now, i'm breathing a lot better. hehe :D we're done with our Thesis and i can proudly say that I'M VERY MUCH HAPPY ABOUT IT. its been more or less three weeks when we started cramming because of that Thesis but now, we already finished it. how good is that?! but the nervousness was still there this morning because of that ever horrifying Defense. though it will not be the first, but still, i can't help myself from feeling nervous.

but the very GOOD NEWS of all was that the Defense was cancelled. yehey!!! we will not be undergoing any Defense anymore for this semester. though it will be unfair to some students who had their Defense yesterday. we're just too Lucky. haha :D i can't explain how happy i am right now.

actually, during our SAD time, i together with my classmates on that subject stayed in our room and waited for our prof to arrive. some were cramming and some were really feeling the nerves but when we heard the Good News, we were like 'yehey!!!' and everyone's been jumping and shouting at the top of their lungs. hehe :D we were so glad. and some of my classmates were joking their friend that there's still a defense and so, he changed from uniform to a business attire and when he was done, they started revealing the truth. haha :D they're quite mean. haha :P

but still, we stayed in the room for a couple of minutes with my former blockmates while viewing some pictures using our friend's laptop. we were laughing then since the poses are really funny.

tomorrow, i'm going to start reviewing my minor subjects. yup, next week will be our Final Exams and so, i have to give my best on it. i don't want to fail. and also, i need to be part of the Dean's Lister since our tutition fee next semester will be around 60,000 to 70,000php. i don't know where in this world my parents would get such amount. arrrggg. that's why i have to study really hard.

i just miss blogging that's why i have long post today. next week would be another busy week.