Monday, March 19, 2007

i came from a two-day outing with my former blockmates. i was fetched by Rex and Ian yesterday morning at around 5am here in my crib. we used three cars, an Innova, a Galant and an Adventure. i rode in the Adventure drove by JL with my girlfriends Eunice, Kath and Joanne. we had a very enjoying trip. we were sound tripping and laugh tripping at the same time. our 'drivers' were having a race while we were on our way. haha :D by the way, JL was driving the Adventure, Rex was driving the Innova and Niko was driving the Galant. we had a number of Stop-overs. the resort is owned by Marco's father. and if you wanna see how it looks like, just visit El-Madero.

i really enjoyed the outing. it was fun. :D it was my first time to join an outing and i really had fun, so much fun. they were really fun to be with and i love their company. we had lots of fun in the water. haha :D i never thought that i would enjoy that trip. we were helping each other in terms of works like in cooking, broiling, washing of chores and the like. i learned some card games like 123 Pass and the Bullshit. hehe :P

the resort is so beautiful. it is so big and nice. i really love the place. if you're planning for a family outing, El-Madero is the place to go. it is such a great place. the air is very refreshing the water is so cold. haha :D we've been freezng every time we're going out of the pool. we have lots of picture-takings. Cha brought her videocam. we have tons of funny moments there.

i arrived here at around 6.30pm and i was accompanied by Rex and the rest who were riding the Innova. i'll be uploading the pictures tomorrow on my Multiply. i also need a copy of the pictures in JL's digicam.