Monday, March 26, 2007

i was so glad last night that Mart Escudero was named as one of the four winners of Starstruck the Next Level. though Dex Quindoza didn't make it, i'm still happy knowing that his close friend did make it. Dream. Believe. Survive.

and speaking of dream, eversince i was a little girl, i dreamt of becoming a Princess. yeah, i really wanted to be a Princess someday. i would love to wear elegant gowns and tiaras. but as i grew up, i realized that it won't be possible. even if i turn the world upside down, that dream will only be a dream and will never be real.

as i turned thirteen, i realized that i want to be the richest person in the world, if not, one of richest. and until now, i'm still dreaming of becoming rich. i grew up as an ordinary girl, though most of the times, i used to get what i want. i used to live an average life, i wasn't born with golden spoon and fork on my mouth.

my dad's been working abroad for quite a long time and i really miss his presence. my mom's the one taking good care of me and my brother. in return, we study hard for us to be successful in the near future. i want to give them the life that they've been yearning for a long time. and i hope that God and Destiny will help me fulfill that dream.

i only have one Goal in life as of the moment that is to REACH FOR MY DREAMS.