Thursday, March 15, 2007

i'm soooooooooooo happy now. :D because finals is over. haha ;D its vacation yey. XD we had 2 sets of exams this morning so i went to school early for me to be able to review. Humanities was the first one and i can say that it was okay, i mean super duper okay. in short, it was easy. thanks Sir Jomar. we had an hour and a half break before the next exam and so, we reviewed. lots of funny moments happened especially on Eunice's part. 'come to ate.' haha :P we were just laughing and laughing.

Theo was next, rather last exam. the most difficult of all. haha :D it was harder than our exams in major subjects. arggg. we thought it will be easy coz the one who made the exam was our professor but to our surprise, it was super duper difficult. i mean, everything was really hard. as if its our Major. amf!!! anyway, i'm just hoping that i could pass all of my exams especially my major subjects.

our Second Semester ended up good, for me, i guess. coz for the last time, i saw HIM. haha :D i know that after two months, it will vanish again because its vacation, i won't be seeing him. i just hope that on the next semester, every feeling i have for him would fizzle out.

my mom didn't allow me to go with my friends-slash-former blockmates on their outing-slash-swimming this coming Sunday. i informed her about it this afternoon and i told her that Eunice can possibly join if her brother will be there. but then when i told her that it would be an overnight, she immediately said NO. arggg. meaning, i won't be there. haaaay. i really want to be there coz i miss my friends' company because of the Free Sectioning. my mom said that she will only allow me to have an overnight or sleepover when i turned 18 which will be on September. i'll miss a wonderful opportunity. sayang. how i wish i'll be there.

since its vacation, i'm looking for a Summer Job and at the same time, i'm going to learn how to cook with the help of my Lola. i just hope that in two months, i could learn to cook na. coz i'm turning 18 but still, i don't how to cook a simple meal. how ridiculous?! as the saying goes, 'the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach.' haha :D

two months and a half of no classes so i won't be seeing my classmates and friends. i just want to thank them for the company and the wonderful friendship especially those people whom we've only known just this semester. i'll be missing my GirlFriends. Dyei, Eunice, Joanne and Kath. i'll miss our kulitan and tawanan. and even our camwhoring. time's really running so fast. College Junior Life would be more complicated and harder.