Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Everybody in this world is scared. And sometimes, it takes two scared persons to do one brave thing and that is to fall in love.

Today is really a tiring one. The annual celebration of Sto. Niño's anniversary is held today together with Kuya Roy's 27th Birthday. I wasn't part of the Santacruzan because I did join last year and I was the Reyna Elena. The celebration started with a mass which was celebrated by Brother Rolly then the Santacruzan.

We only had one participant aside from the Sto. Niño and she was Zachee, a niece of mine. She was really cute and adorable in her blue long gown. Beautiful was the word of the day since people kept on praising our little princess for being the stunning and mesmerizing little girl. She was actually prettier than those of the bigger sagalas which includes the Reyna Elena.

The celebration today was fun but many have told that last year's celebration was more enjoying. And aside from that, there were more sagalas last year than now. People from all over came to witness and that was good. It added more flavor to the event. Even the birthday celebrator enjoyed the day. He was actually the photographer. Lots and lots of pictures taken and I have to wait for those pictures to be uploaded in my cousin's multiply.

Anyway, today is also the Finale of American Idol though the winner will be announced tomorrow. I am and will always be a David Cook fan no matter what. David Archuleta can sing and there's no doubt about it but the songs that he can sing are just ballads. He lacks versatility. And whenever he sings, I just need a bed for me to lay down. It's like a lullaby. On the other hand, David Cook always gives justice to every song he used to sing. He puts a lot of flavor to it. He is versatile, a great performer and has a great vocals.

I love all the songs that David Cook sang most especially Dream Big. It is actually a new song but David Cook nailed it. He did an amazing job there. And regarding Simon's comments on Cook's songs, I guess he did it on purpose. He kept on dissing David Cook throughout the night while Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul just kept on praising Cook's performances. I don't know maybe Simon has something in mind why he did that. But for me, win or lose, David Cook is the real American Idol. And I bet, even if he loses, he'll make it to the limelight just like Chris Daughtry.

Just now, I just find out that Maria Sharapova is the world's number one in the women's division of tennis replacing Justine Henin. Everyone was surprised with the sudden retirement of the former world's number one. Even me, I was also surprised. She is a great tennis player, she plays well and is deserving of her ranking. But she just retired. One of the reasons she mentioned is her family. I don't know, maybe, it really is. But nevertheless, I'm still happy. I love Maria. She's the best tennis player for me.

I have to end this post now. I feel so worn out after the long walk a while ago. I'm just too excited with Gossip Girl's Finale. Actually, I'm downloading it now. Plus, I just can't wait about the American Idol Finale. Cook for the win!