Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sometimes no matter how much you miss someone, it is still wiser not to have that person back again.

Today is the Enrollment of all Letran's IT and ACT students. And since yesterday, I was expecting a huge number of students who will come to enroll for this coming semester knowing that there are a lot of IT and ACT students in Letran. As I woke up, I received a lot of text messages about how many students were there already waiting for the offices to open. I hurriedly went to the bathroom, took a bath, dressed myself and left the house.

I had to ride an LRT going to my school because I know it will take me a lot of time if I'll be riding a jeepney. It was kinda disappointing because when I arrived at the LRT station, I was stupefied with the immense number of people waiting for the train to arrive. Well, rush hour eh. I kept on waiting until a skip train arrived. I maybe lucky.

Finally, I arrived at Letran and saw two of my friends falling in line. So, I fell in line too. Before I left the house, I kept on telling myself that, perhaps, I won't be seeing him (my crush) because I will go to school early and he isn't an early bird. But I was totally wrong. He was already there and in fact, he was in front of the line. I was really surprised because I really didn't expect that I'll be seeing him today. But I was happy, indeed. It's good to see him once again. I know it's coming back but it's better than to like someone whom I know I shouldn't be liking.

At times, I glanced at him not knowing that he was glancing at me too for no reason at all. It was quite uneasy for my part. Too bad, we will not be classmates in all subjects except for one. My section is MCSE-4A and his section is MCSE-4B. When I found out about it, I was disappointed because I won't be seeing him everyday since I'll be having no breaks from Monday to Thursday. But you know, maybe, that's meant to happen. I just hope that in this year, which is actually our last year in our Alma Mater, we will be able to bond and become close like I've always wanted.

It's good to reunite with my friends again. Though the whole process was really tiring and energy-consuming, still, I had fun because I was able to see and bond with my dear friends once again. Well, the last time I saw them was during the last day of Second Semester and I missed them so much.

Okay, I cut the line together with my two friends for us to be able to finish the entire enrollment process early. After I finished, I just waited for my other friends to finish. I had some chit-chatting with my friends which I really missed a lot. We shared a lot of stories, about what happened to us this vacation and alike.

I saw a lot of familiar faces including Jam who arrived late. (Peace Jam!) I also saw my former classmates and my soon to be blockmates. I've seen my professors, as well, who were also busy.

So, I haven't paid my tuition fee because I can't bring a big amount of money all alone. My gosh, our tuition fee is really huge. I don't know what comprises that 54K-tuition eh. I don't know where my dad would get such huge amount. Every year, tuition fee is increasing and I hate it. Good thing, this would be (hoping and wishing with fingers crossed) my last year in Letran.

Opening of classes is on June 10 and I can say, I'm not yet ready. Nervousness fills me and I don't know why. On the other hand, it is somehow exciting because a lot of good and memorable things will surely happen to everyone of us.