Saturday, May 3, 2008

Too bad, love doesn't have a "best before" seal. I would have loved to know when it would expire.

Last night, we really had a fun night. A week ago, we received an invitation from Tito Boy for a dinner on May 2 which was yesterday. Tito Boy is a friend of my dad. Both of them are working in Saudi and they first met there. Eventually, they became good friends together with Tito Bobby.

We traveled from Manila to SM Megamall because according to Tito Boy, he will meet us up there. There were a lot of people in Megamall because of the three-day sale which started yesterday. It was really jampacked that we even joked on them while we were inside the car. We tried to look for a parking space but we really couldn't find one. Until Tito Boy called us up that we have to go to Metrowalk.

We drove again from Megamall to Metrowalk and we parked the car. Then we received another call that the place would be at Seaside, near Pier One. So, Daddy Carlo started the engine once more and we drove from Metrowalk to Pier One. And finally, we have seen Tito Boy together with his son, Edwin, wife and children.

We had a little chit-chatting while the foods were being cooked. They have bought the foods in the market there then let it be cooked on the restaurant there. We talked, joked and laughed. Until the foods were served.

We were actually a bit startled because the foods were really too much. I mean, too much for us because we were just few, specifically, less than 10. There were lots of yummy and delicious foods to choose from. It really ruined my diet. I felt that my tummy becomes bigger. Just kidding. But the foods were really great and all of us were indeed satisfied.

We took a rest after. Then Tito Boy gave us the things that my dad bought for us which consist of two pair of shoes for my brother (one rubber shoes and the other is leather shoes), a pair of sandals for me, a (super) big bottle of Mayonnaise and lots of medicines. After that, we went home.

It was really tiring but fun. We went home at 11.30pm because the area was too far from our place.