Thursday, May 15, 2008

I may see all people falling in love right now. But I do believe that it's gonna be my turn tomorrow.

Today's post will be full of random thoughts. This has nothing to do with my everyday activities, or let's just say, has nothing to do with me at all. As an opinionated person, this will be dealing more with my reviews or thoughts regarding some things.

You know how hooked and addicted I am about CW's Gossip Girl. Well, the show is indeed lovable and I find the plot or the story really cute. The first time I heard about the book being made into a tv series, I have become really excited.

And from the very first time I watched the show, I started loving Blair's bitchy and maldita character. Another factor is the girl who played the role as Blair. Leighton Meester indeed gives justice to the role and it really suits her. She is absolutely beautiful and her sense of style is totally amazing. She looks like a doll especially when she wears her signature headband. Then here comes the oh so gorgeous and good looking Chace Crawford who plays the role of Nate Archibald. By the way, he is Carrie Underwood's ex-boyfriend. Well, I love the Blair-Nate tandem from the very beginning.

Now, the new episodes are being aired every Monday nights. I love the show as much as I love the characters and the people behind the characters. It's just so saddening that Jenny Humphrey turned out to be a bad girl, trying to dethrone Blair as the Queen Bee. And here comes Vanessa hooking up with my Nate. It is really annoying. And I just admit that I'm totally pissed off with Jenny played by Taylor Momsen and Vanessa played by Jessica Szohr. I hate them, as in. (okay, I know I'm so carried away with the show)

Another thing, American Idol Finale is scheduled next week and it is very good to know that it will be between the two Davids. Who do you want to win, Archuleta or Cook? They are both talented, good looking and the crowd just loves them but who's going home with the title? I'm pretty sure that it will be a tough Idol night for everyone as the two Davids will show their extraordinary singing prowess. But you know, ever since, I'm a big fan of David Cook and I'm really hoping and praying that he'll win. Archuleta is also good, he's young and young teenagers would really spend a lot of money voting for him, but I guess, he's too young.

But they're both good singers. So, whoever wins really deserve the title. But Cook deserves it more. haha :D Okay, I'm being bias now. But, win or lose, David Cook is my American Idol.

By the way, I was able to watch Step Up 2 two days ago. I know it's really late but I bought the DVD just recently. Before, I was really trying to look or search on the cyberworld so I would just download it but too bad, I can't find. I have tried a lot of torrents but I just failed. And finally, I was able to see how great the movie is. And all I can say now is two thumbs up. It is really cool and I was just really amazed by the moves especially of Robert Hoffman playing Chase in the film. I so love it. But we just have to admit it, You Got Served is just the best hip-hop dance movie of all.

Just watch our for Miami Ink. New season, new episodes to watch our for. The original five guys (Ami James, Chris Nuñez, Chris Garver, Darren Brass and Yoji Harada) are still there plus a new one in the person of Tim Hendricks. A lot of new and amazing designs, heartwarming stories and many more.

I was just bored and I have really got nothing to blog about that's why I came up with those topics. I guess, I make a sense, ayt?