Saturday, July 15, 2006


i think, this will be a long post coz i'll be posting today the things that happened yesterday and today. =D so, you better ready your eyes. haha. =D

yesterday was THINE ICED 1ST ANNIVERSARY. we were, you know, kinda sad because we were not complete on our special day. no AHYAN and DYAN. =/ we just missed them so much. i wish to see them soon.

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actually, yesterday, we thought that there were no classes bcoz of the heavy rain but unfortunately, we have. it was so traffic in DIVI that i thought, i was going to be late but luckily, i was not. when i arrived, only few were there and i was so glad knowing that i wasn't late. hehe. =D then, my blockmates started to arrive one by one. but when our professor came, the door on our room was locked and the key was nowhere to find. hehe. =D so, my prof just decided to give us a 15 minute break and then after that, we will have a quiz. after 15 minutes, we went inside na and took the quiz. then, he made some discussions about the project he had given which will be submitted on midterms. then, we have a group assignment which will be passed on next next friday. waaaaah. lots of school stuffs to accomplish plus we have a project pa in LOGIC which is very difficult pa. hmmmmf. =/ anywei, after that, we had a break AGAIN. hehe. =D then, he finished the last module and we had an activity which i find it hard to answer. hehe. =D good thing, i understood some. hehe. =D

we were all excited bcoz we will be going to watch a game between the LETRAN and PCU. some said that it was a preview of the finals. hehe. =D but before we went there, DYEI, EUNICE, JOANNE, CHA and i went to SM MANILA to meet DYEI's textmate, KEVIN. hehe. =D he was EUNICE's former classmate. at first, i thought, he was gay, but in the end, i found out that he was not. then, we went directly to NINOY AQUINO STADIUM via LRT. i was really excited with the duel talaga and of course, BOYET BAUTISTA. hehe. =D after a long walk from LRT to stadium, we reached our destination. then, we saw our guy blockmates [maybe i don't need to mention names bcoz i might forget some]. we just let them buy the tickets for us. they were on the GENERAL ADMISSION [poor??? hehe =D] and we were on the LOWERBOX. hehe. =D i was cheering and cheering for the team and especially for BOYET. i was really surprised with the way he played. he played good talaga. =D i thought, we were going to lose the game bcoz on the final quarter, the DOLPHINS really did great by making great shots but, you know, KNIGHTS didn't want that to happen so they did their best to win. and they won the game. BOYET BAUTISTA was named the PLAYER OF THE GAME having 30 points including 7 triples. =D

today is ERIKA's 7th birthday. =D it was held on CAMELOT HOTEL near ABS-CBN. it was like a debut i might say bcoz of the venue and the program. there were 7 roses, 7 wishes and cotillion. the venue was great and i love it. its shape is like a castle and you feel like a princess when you celebrate your bdae there. =D it was fun and enjoy. the foods were great. haha. =D the celebrator was really pretty in her gowns and casual attires. i guess, one of the best parties i ever attended. and bcoz of that, i am now excited to have my debut next year. hehe. =D hopefully, i could have a party. i will just post some of the pics next time bcoz i need to finish my powerpoint in THEO.

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