Thursday, July 6, 2006


the day started out good but it ended bad. hmmmmf. =/ i went to school early. then, we had a discussion on our ENGLISH class and a seatork. i was kinda surprised with the result of my quiz last meeting. i got 47 out of 50. wow!!! then, during our breaks, DYEI, EUNICE and i went to the library to search for our PHYSICS. =D and gladly, we found not just one but two. of all the group that presented kanina, we were the ones different. haha. =D because all of them made their presentation in the room while us, on the grounds. hehe. =D it was a field experiment. i can say that it was fun and enjoying. =D but then, during our RIZAL class, everything changed. grrrr. =/ at first, it was good coz i've been enjoying chatting with EUNICE and listening to the reports but when it was DYEI's turn to report, i found out that my flash disk has a virus and it made me sicked. i don't know how that stupid virus came to my flash disk, just last night, i opened all the files there three times to make sure that everythings run well. well, i knew that it was HIS fault talaga because he borrowed it from me after our first class. and because i have so much trust on HIM, i let him borrow bcoz i thought HE will be doing his RIZAL presentation but no, he downloaded a video from the net for THEIR PHYSICS. i was waiting for HIM to ask for forgiveness but i didn't hear any word. and worst part there was i just knew that my flash disk has a virus during our RIZAL knowing that HE knew it already during our PHYSICS. but i'm not mad at HIM or anything. i was also disappointed with my professor for not giving any considerations. DYEI don't know if she is allowed to report next meeting but we are all hoping that she still could.

anywei, i deleted the files that contain virus but you know what, nahawa lahat ng files ko. waaaah. good thing, i have a great anti-virus and all the viruses were deleted and my flash disk is clean again. yey! =D

i think by tomorrow, i will be okay na and ala na rin init ng ulo ko. i was kinda nahihiya nga sa kanila kanina bcoz HE [different person] was calling me at the top of his voice but instead of turning my head, i just didn't mind him.

basta un. at last, i can have my rest na bcoz no assignments or quiz for tomorrow.

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