Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Diet, stop or not??

just last night, i felt unseasy talaga and uncomfortable and i didn't know why. i couldn't concentrate on what i was doing. i couldn't absorb all the things that i've been memorizing. gosh!!! what was happening on me?? then, when i was about to take a shower, i threw up in the CR. waaah!!! yuckness. =/ then, i still felt uneasy and i didn't know what to do na talaga. i took a rest for a while and watched MY GIRL coz i thought i was okay already but unfortunately, i was not. i was about to go to my room to sleep when suddenly, i threw up again and this time, it was all liquid. and it was so 'dami'. hmmmf. then, i realized that i was experiencing all of those because of diet. actually, i used to eat nothing. a full meal on breakfast, no rice on lunch and nothing on dinner. our schedule pa was always 'maghapon' and very exhausting. so, my mom scolded me, of course and asked me to eat lunch. right now, i'm still doubting if i should stop reducing or not.

it was raining hard when i woke up kanina but when i was about to leave the house, it just stopped. hehe. =D i was surprised to know that there was a convocation. kainis!!! it was so hot kanina and i really felt the heat touching my skin. grrrr. =/ then, a successful HISTO class. haha. =D no dramas or anything and the discussion was good. yeah, thanks to my blockmates who cooperated. haha. =D then, another discussion on my PHILO class and a seatwork [ata]. LOGIC was about that flowcharting AGAIN. then, we were dismissed. yey. =D

i just finished my presentation in RIZAL [MI ULTIMO ADIOS]. i made another one coz i was not satisfied with the first. it was so funny coz i have lots of slides. hehe. =D hopefully, she won't be disappointed. =p just wish me luck on my report tomorrow. =D

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