Saturday, July 22, 2006

Busy Me!!!

yesterday muna... hehe. =D
yesterday, EUNICE and DYEI went to our humble palace [accdg to DYEI. haha. =D] we made our LOGIC project xe eh. after the class and since, the meeting was cancelled, we went straightly to our house. i let them used my laptop while i was preparing merienda for them. well, i cooked for them and it was sprinkled with love. haha. =D so, before we started the project-making, we ate first. then, un na, we started making our project with laughters. haha. =D we just laughed and laughed. plus we used to teased one another. hehe. =D and we almost forgot that there was a game between LETRAN and MAPUA. good thing, we remembered. hehe. =D on the first half, we saw how good the KNIGHTS were bcoz of the scores but on second half, the CARDINALS started to make points and they tied the game. i can say that the game was really unpredictable. we thought that the CARDINALS will win bcoz they were 'lamang' but then, the KNIGHTS showed the eagerness to win. and the three of us were like cheering and cheering, shouting and shouting. haha. =D para kaming sira. haha. =p and we were all happy when the LETRAN KNIGHTS won. wooohoooo. 6-0. hehe. =D and we are all excited for the duel between LETRAN and SAN BEDA. =D

we went to my cousin's new house for their house blessing. i can say that their house is good. bagay sa kanila. its cute actually. but the best part there were the foods. they were all great and yummy. haha. =D i love the spaghetti made by my tita and the cake. hehe. =D of course, picture taking kami. super dami pics na naman. but i forgot to bring my digicam, good thing, they all brought their digicams. it was fun.

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