Saturday, July 1, 2006

Your Princess || Walking Doll

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i got a new layout guys =D and you know what, i really love this one especially the picture and the color. hehe. =D i so love PINK!!! well, from punk to something girly. hehe. =p when i first saw this layout xe on BLOGSKIN, i got tongue-tied right away. hehe. =D but i edited the font colors because originally, the color was white. and bcoz it can't be seen by anyone, i decided to change it. =D

anywei, just this morning, i finished my assignment [??] in HISTORY. though, i was lazy, i really tried to finish it coz you know, tomorrow will be my review day. the answers were on the scratch pa and i will be transferring those answers mamaya. =D i don't know who will be my speakers for monday. so, i hope, my groupmates will cooperate and as usual, i'm the only girl in the group and i should be the one responsible. hehe. =D

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yesterday, i have accomplished my RIZAL presentation for tuesday. i just need to study it so i could explain it. it is about RIZAL's last poem which is MI ULTIMO ADIOS. it was quite annoying because the words used were really deep so i have to choose stanzas which are easy for me to interpret. and then, i also finished my PHYSICS assignment, the word problems regarding VECTORS. =D so, i just need to review for my THEO and PHILO quizzes on moday. waaaah!!! then, we will not be having a LOGIC class on moday for we are required to watch CSJL's game nga. =D still, i haven't finished my LOGIC assignment, really hard huh?! he told us that we have to use 11 decision boxes but me, i just used eight so i have to do it all over again. stressful huh?!

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till here muna. i guess, i have a long post today. =D

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