Saturday, July 8, 2006

I need VISIO!!!

bcoz i have no classes today, i woke up kinda late. hehe. =D i started my day by you know, combing my hair, making hilamos, have my breakfast and of course, opening my PC. hehe. =D it's been a week since i last opened my PC bcoz, i usually use my laptop xe eh rather than my PC. =p nywei, i was kinda annoyed by that d*amn cd [installer] i couldn't install MS OFFICE VISIO PRO 2003 on my PC even on my laptop. i don't know why. maybe there's a problem on the installer. grrrr. =/ that software pa naman is required on our LOGIC bcoz we will be using that to accomplish our project on that subject. so, i have no choice but to buy a fake one. hehe. =D bui i don't know where to buy eh. "if someone outta here, knows where to buy a cd on VISIO 2003, please tell me. =D"

my mom and i went to TUTUBAN CENTERMALL coz i have to buy the cleaner/solution for my contact lenses. and finally, i also grabbed a copy of FINAL DESTINATION 3. at last, i could watch that film na. yehey!!! hehe. =D then, i searched for a new bag coz i want lang. haha. =D i want a new HELLO KITTY bag. and i found one but i didn't buy bcoz it was quite expensive but its cute. i so love it. then, we ate at MCDO. i love MCNUGGETS AND MCFLOAT. yummy!!=D

EUNICE and i were texting each other kanina. she was just, you know, teasing me to our guy blockmate which had been involved to me before. she said that we had an issue before. hehe. =D she kept on teasing me to that guy. haha. =D i no need to mention name.

and today is the opening of the UAAP. =D my bets are UE and ATENEO. =D i only watched some parts of the program. i was glad to see MARCY ARELLANO of UE RED WARRIORS again. i missed him. haha. =D aside from BOYET BAUTISTA of LETRAN KNIGHTS, MARCY is my crush too. they are great players xe and CUTE. =D

then, i visited TICKLE a while ago. i took a test about "WHO IS YOUR HIP-HOP HEARTTHROB?" and i was surprised with the result. "Cez, your hip hop heartthrob is Eminem" waaaah. =D i got a big crush on this man. i'm in love with him. haha. =D well, ever since i saw this man, my heart fell for him na. =D i love his songs too though most of his songs contain lots of bad words and he used to piss people in his songs.

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