Monday, July 17, 2006

oh my!!!

you know what, i got a crush on this korean guy whom i relly don't know talaga. =D the first time i saw him because we both rode on the same jeep, i got tongue-tied with his cuteness. i knew that he is a korean bcoz it is very obvious. i like everything about him, his looks, his hair, his eyes, the way he acts and his porma. waaaaah. hehe. =D and just this morning, i saw him again. we both rode AGAIN on the same jeep but i don't know where he studies eh. and i am so eager to know his name but as a girl, i should not do that. hehe. =D i hope to see more of him. CRUSH KO XA TALAGA. i wish to see him again. i don't know talaga but i really like him. hehe. =D

anywei, i was just dizzy with lots of school stuffs plus the fact that our lesson in LOGIC was very magulo. =D gosh, sakit sa ulo. hmmmf. =/ anywei, supposedly, we are going to watch a game between LETRAN and UPHS but unfortuantely, our prof didn't allow us to so we ended up discussing those sh*tness lessons. hehe. =D tomorrow, will be another set of magugulong lessons. i wish i could survive. hehe. =D and BOWLING again. hope to get 80+ points on it coz i failed the last two practical. sh*tness talaga. =/ and we should ready ourselves for a war tomorrow. haha. =D

basta, wish us luck. got to go. wish to see the korean guy again. =D
next time, i will be posting the pics. i'm just a little lazy right now coz i have lots of things to do pa eh.

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