Monday, July 3, 2006

Letran, 2-0

i'm in the mood right now to update this one. hehe. =D i've been very tired ever since this day started. another boring session on our THEOLOGY class. hehe. =D lots of reporting and on the next meeting, we will going to have our quiz. waaah!!! then, another set of reports on our HISTORY and our prof was really dramatic huh?! hehe. =D the reports was funny bcoz we ought to use that mic similar to those promo agents in SM. haha. =D funny!!! then, a set of quiz on our PHILO. good thing, i passed it though i didn't got the perfect score. =D

during the breaks, we were still thinking if we will going to watch the games of CSJL against SSC-R bcoz we didn't know if MR. GEE, our LOGIC prof knows that. after a lots of talks and brainstorming [hehe] we decided to just go to the venue and just pass the ticket and after that, we will go home. we tried to buy tickets at LETRAN but sadly, it was closed.

a funny adventure had happened as we were going to NINOY AQUINO STADIUM. hehe. =D we didn't know xe how to get there eh. haha. =D EUNICE just asked the driver kung dadaan dun and since, the driver told us YES, we rode the jeep. =D we just laughed and laughed though we were scared knowing that we might get lost. hehe. =p and fortunately, after a long journey, we reached our destination. we bought tickets and entered. we saw two of our guy classmates there so all in all, we were just five. hehe. =D then, the plan was ruined by our prof bcoz she didn't let us to pass the tickets earlier. and, she kept on looking at us that's why we couldn't make 'takas'. hehe. =D and, we ended up watching the entire game. but you know, we just enjoyed it coz LETRAN won again. haha. =D TAMBAK AGAIN!!! =D

after the game, we went starightly home bcoz we have lots of works to do. we have a quiz on ENGLISH and PHYSICS tomorrow and a report on RIZAL. another BOWLING session on my PE class. i still need to improve my bowling skills.

good night guys!!!


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